If you are going to enable your “$1.00 Trial” account Please check the “instruction 1” and “instruction 2” below. Please just ignore the price. 

If you are going to download “qqtv app” or use “qqtv.nl/player.php” to watch TV please follow instruction 1

If you are using IPTV box please follow instruction 2

If you are using both of the above methods to watch TV please follow instruction 3

Setup Guides

We offer numerous ways of using our service. Select your preferred method below to view the setup guide!


Our Android app is now available direct from Google Play store by searching (qqtv biz)

When you install app enter user and pass from your IPTV details can be found in email or client area.

** Make sure in settings to select EXO Player as default player **


After purchasing your IPTV Package you will be shortly receiving a URL link in your email inbox.

  1. On your MAG Device, go to Settings.
  2. Find URL Portal 1.
  3. Enter the URL which you got in order email
  4. You should have all the channels now including Live Sports, Movies, TV Shows.
  5. Click here for a video if you have any problems. (https://youtu.be/KfuzXbF55lw)
Android Devices (Smartphones, Android Box)

Install Perfect Player from the Playstore

  • Open Perfect Player
  • Open Perfect Player Settings Menu (cog icon)
  • Select General
  • Select Playlist 1
  • Enter the Url you recieved in order email


  • Give the playlist a name QQTV BIZ
  • Select OK
  • Select EPG 1
  • Enter the xmltv URL you recieved in order email
  • Change download if no data on current date to Download once a day (drop down menu click on little triangle)
  • Select OK
  • Press Back Twice
  • Press the 3 line button on remote/c on keyboard/touch screen touch little square icon top left
  • Change Epg Show Epg to Epg Hide Epg

If all steps have been done correctly and there are no typos you should have a Channel List and EPG

If it doesn’t load a Channel List or EPG the corresponding url has a typo you have done it wrong.

iPab Set Up & Subscription

Flash your Zgemma ( Click here for video)

  • Turn your Zgemma box OFF using the white switch on the rear of the box
  • Insert the USB thumb drive containing the iPad.tv image into the rear USB port (On the new Zgemma models you can use the front USB port, but for ease we will use the rear port here)
  • Turn your Zgemma box ON using the white switch on the rear of the box
  • The display on the front of your Zgemma box should say BOOT, then FLSH – If you do not see FLSH please refer to the see Troubleshooting section for assistance – Flashing the image will take 5-10 minutes depending on your box. Please be patient.
  • Once flashing has completed the box will begin to load. It is VERY important that AS SOON AS your box changes from FLSH to BOOT that you remove the USB Thumb Drive and switch off your Zgemma box using the white switch at the rear of the box.

STOPDo not proceed to the next steps until you have removed the USB Thumb Drive and switched off your Zgemma box using the white switch at the rear.

First Time Boot

    • Connect any USB drive you will be using for recordings, timeshift and EPG storage into the rear USB port.
    • Switch your Zgemma box ON using the white power switch at the rear
    • Wait for your Zgemma box to load (This will take between 1 and 2 minutes depending on your model)


  • hen the Zgemma box has booted fully the first time, you will see the Video Wizard, after which it will tune to Channel 4 HD. If your box does not show you a working TV station, please check your cables and refer to the Full Setup Guide for troubleshooting


To ensure you start with the most up to date software and plugins, it is highly recommended that you complete all of the following update steps

  • Red Button > 1 > Yellow Button – This will run the emergency fixes to ensure any critical issues are patched – The box will restart once complete
  • Red Button > 4 > 1 – This will run the IPTV Player update to ensure you have the most up to date IPTV player – The box will restart once complete

Entering Subscription

Press Red Button then select no.4 IPTV Menu then select Blue button (more providers then select no.1 (Sats Ni) IF YOU DON’T SEE OPTION FOR MORE PROVIDERS DO EMERGENCY UPDATE!!

Enter Username and Password by using the keypad on remote.

Select Server (qqtv biz)

Turn VOD to yes

Green Button to Save

Blue Button to Install (will take some time)

(Sections disappearing)

To ENSURE your freshly installed IPTV Bouquets don’t disappear overnight, it is imperative that you follow these steps

  • Red Button then press 8 press 8 again
  • Select ‘Sky Bouquets Show/Hide’
  • Ensure your IPTV Bouquets are checked (If everything is unchecked, checked everything)
  • Green Button to Save
  • Select ‘Populate Database…’ (Tune Failed means no Sat Signal, Just exit if you get this screen)

After the scan is complete, your IPTV Bouquets should remain present.

TV Guide Setup

Exit back to any normal channel then press menu and select plugins, Press green to download plugins then select extensions and scroll down to EPG-Importer (DO NOT INSTALL ANY OTHER PLUGINS) when finished press exit back to channel. Restart box.

When box restarts press menu-plugins then select EPG-Importer change all settings to same as below

Now press green to save then go back in to EPG-Importer and select blue for sources.

Select the following sources by pressing ok to put green tick beside them:

Canadian IPTV,


International IPTV,


Canadian1 IPTV,

International1 IPTV,


International2 IPTV,


Rytec UK Sat XMLTV

Now press green to save and then yellow to manually download.