IT & Tech Consulting

Fast problem solving

We manage the remotely problem solving to the citizens, provincial and expatriate. You can call us in worktime. Don’t need to queuing, don’t need to wait. If you only want to an adwise about and application or service, call us.

Don’t need to bring out the device

We can update anti-virus softvers remotely. Those clients who know us long time ago, know how is this working. The fastest and most effective way to solving error codes, search mistaken icons, or service anti-virus problems. Just need to call us, and our workers solving the problems remotely as fast as possible.

Active costumer services

If our client has a question that he can show through his screen. It is necessary to imagine like a telephone conversation where us to be able to solve the existing problem with connecting our computers together. We can see the computer’s display and actual things we can turn up, like frozen mailing, or offer solution the

  • IOnline – the online helpdesk is the part of the everyday life nowodays.

  • Premium – service to private costumers and companys.

  • Remote – the remote controll is safe nowodays.

  • Controll – until we work on the problems, the customer watch over the process.

We can guarantee fast and efficient helpdesk 24/7 for the private costumers and companys.

Online Premium Remote Controll – offer suspicious package and countinously expanding service to the costumers in our home. The subscribers of the Online Premium Remote Controll get premium helpdesk 24/7. A customer service which can be attained continuously helps with the correction of the mistakes coming forward in the course of the everyday life. Mistake announcement on a telephone, where an opportunity overlooks it, that connecting our computers together, we can solve the existing problem, or task. We can see the computer’s display and actual things we can turn up, like frozen mailing, or offer solution the fright caused by some pop-up.

Save money and time 

Don’t need to wait long time to find a specialist. Don’t need to wait until the system administrator arrive. Our workers start the problem solving immadiately.


It does not count your at home or on foreign countries. Let spend holidays or a business road, our colleagues help with fast and professional solution of the questions and problems every time.